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Camp Crystal for Children, Youth, Families & Adults

The 100 year plus tradition continues at Crystal Conference Center where all children, youth, families, and adults from all traditions are welcome to be part of one of our summer camp programs. Camp Crystal camps are part of the summer ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Michigan.

How to Register for Camp

All registrations are by online with payment by credit card. Talk to your church pastor or camp registrar if this is a problem. Download this “How to …” sheet for more instructions.

2021 Camp & Retreat Dates & Fees

June 20-25: 
Elementary Camp

$360 ($410 after 4/30)

June 25-27: 
Michigan CWF Women’s Retreat

July 6-9: 
Day Camp
$15 per day
$65 per overnight

July 11-17:
Middle School Camp
$425 ($475 after 4/30)

July 11-17:
High School Camp
$425 ($475 after 4/30)

July 18-24: 
Family of God Camp
$375 ($425 after 4/30)

August 20-22:
Michigan Disciples Women’s Retreat

September 17-19:
Michigan Disciples Men’s Retreat

2021 Covid-19 Procedures & Release Form

The Michigan Region will be using a careful layered approach to create a safe space for summer camp, meeting state and CDC protocols as we seek to provide a spiritually enriching camping experience for all participants.

All participants, volunteers, adults, site staff, and campers will covenant to follow the Covid-19 Procedures. All campers/parents and retreat participants will need to sign and submit a Release Form in order for a camper to participate.
Download the Procedures document and Release Form below.

Covid Procedures Form

Covid-19 Release Form

Online Registrations

The registration service is hosted at the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Michigan Region’s online secure registration service.

NOTE: Read “Covid Procedures & Release Form” above. Waiver release must be signed by each camper and/or parent to attend Camp Crystal this year.
Select your camp and click on it to begin the registration process.

2021 Camper Documents

Download these forms for each camper registering for Camp Crystal.

Camper Release Policy

Camper Release Form

Camp Crystal Participants Policy

2021 Publicity

Here are brochures and posters for you to download and print. Make copies to pass on to family and friends. Place prominently on bulletin boards

2021 Camp Crystal Brochure

2021 Camp Crystal Poster

2021 Camp Crystal Postcard

2021 Camp Crystal Theme: “This is our Prayer”

Some of us speak our thoughts and feelings to God, while others are quiet, settling their hearts to make space for God. Some pray through music, art, or movement, others pray out loud, while still others’ prayers are whispers of the soul. Whether we fold our hands and bow our heads, or raise our hands up and look to the sky, God is longing to connect with us. God hears our prayers. In this new outdoor ministry resource, campers will explore the shared longings of the human heart and all the different ways Christians have prayed throughout history.

Camp Scholarships

Want to go to camp, but it doesn’t quite fit in the budget this summer? We have scholarships for that! Everyone should have the opportunity to experience Camp Crystal.

Camp scholarships are an important part of the Christian Education budgets of many congregations.  They stimulate greater camp participation and make Camp Crystal affordable for those who may otherwise not be able to attend.  We encourage you to talk with your church to find out if they offer scholarships and sign up today! 

In addition to church scholarships, there are scholarships available from the Fuller Camp Scholarship Fund, available for ANY child or youth who needs assistance to attend Crystal.

For more information, or to request scholarship assistance, contact Rev. Timothy Murtaugh,