Camp Crystal for Children, Youth, Families & Adult Retreats

The 100 year plus tradition continues at Crystal Conference Center where all children, youth, families, and adult retreats from all traditions are welcome. Camp Crystal camps and retreats are part of the summer ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Michigan.

How to Register

All registrations will be online with payment by credit card, beginning in mid-January.

Download “How To Register” Steps

Covid-19 Procedsures & Release Form

The Michigan Region will be using a careful layered approach to create a safe space for summer camps and retreats, meeting state and CDC protocols as we seek to provide a spiritually enriching camping experience for all participants. All participants, volunteers, adults, site staff, and campers will covenant to follow the Covid-19 procedures as described in the registration process.

FruitFULL Faith: Camp Theme

Have you ever seen God at work and wondered why the moment was so clear? Have you wondered what you could do to try and connect with those moments and feelings?

Paul’s letter to the church in Galatia will come alive this week as we explore the Fruit of the Spirit. Seeing this fruit all around assures us we have encountered God. We will see how these same fruit flow freely from us when we walk in the Spirit. Scripture is honest about how complicated life can be. The fruit of the Spirit show us we are on the right track as we observe, receive, and embody these virtues.

2023 Camps & Retreats
Registration begins 1/15/23

June 18-23:
Elementary Camp
Registration 1/15/23

June 23-25:
Disciples Young Adult Retreat
Registration TBD

June 27-29:
Day Camp
Registration 1/15/23

June 29 – July 2: 
Beloved Community Family Camp
Register 1/15/23

July 9-15:
Middle School Camp
Registration 1/15/23

July 9-15:
High School Camp
Registration 1/15/23

July 16-22: 
Family of God Camp
Register 1/15/23

August 18-20:
Michigan Disciples Women’s Retreat
Register TBD

September 15-17:
Michigan Disciples Men’s Retreat
Registration TBD

Online Registrations

Select your camp or retreat and click on it to begin the registration process.

  • Elementary Camp June 18-23 – Cost increases $50 May 1 – Register by Noon June 1
  • Young Adult Retreat June 23-25 – Cost increases $50 May 1 – Register by Noon June 9
  • Day Camp June 27-29 – Register by Noon June 13
  • Beloved Community (Family) Camp June 29-July 2
    – Cost increases $50 May 1 – Register by Noon June 15
  • Middle School Camp July 9-15 – Cost increases $50 May 1 – Register by Noon June 23
  • High School Camp July 9-15 – Cost increases $50 May 1 – Register by Noon June 23
  • Family of God Camp July 16-22 – Cost increases $50 May 1 – Register by Noon June 30
  • Disciples Women’s Retreat August 18-20 – Register by August 4
  • Disciples Men’s Retreat September 15-17 – Register by September 1

2023 Publicity

Brochures and posters for you to download and print will be available in January. Make copies to pass on to family and friends. Place prominently on bulletin boards

2023 Camp Crystal Brochure

2023 Camp Crystal Poster – 8.5×11″

2023 Camp Crystal Postcard

2023 Michigan Disciples Women’s Retreat Brochure

2023 Michigan Disciples Men’s Retreat Brochure

Camp Scholarships

Want to go to camp, but it doesn’t quite fit in the budget this summer? We have scholarships for that! Everyone should have the opportunity to experience Camp Crystal.

Camp scholarships are an important part of the Christian Education budgets of many congregations.  They stimulate greater camp participation and make Camp Crystal affordable for those who may otherwise not be able to attend.  We encourage you to talk with your church to find out if they offer scholarships and sign up today! 

In addition to church scholarships, there are scholarships available from the Fuller Camp Scholarship Fund, available for ANY child or youth who needs assistance to attend Crystal.

For more information, or to request scholarship assistance, contact Michael Dirksen